Chess: The other Psychotherapy!

I can remember being sixteen years old watching the older guys play this wonderful masterpiece of art in the form of a game called Chess. I would watch with such enthusiasm and great anticipation eager to see what the next move of each player would be. I was fascinated how each piece moved, The King, the Queen, the Bishop, the Knight, the Rook, and finally the pawn.  No piece moved like the other, and no piece could do the others job and yet each piece was equally important and had great purpose.

I was so intrigued, I had to learn how to play, and I did,  and let me tell you… it wasn’t hard for me to grasp the concept because I was so interested in it, and not before long I was able to find strategies to win. I didn’t always win, and till this day I still don’t. You win some you lose some, still I love this game. Having been playing for several years now, playing chess has been a great reward for me. With the many challenges and great competition, I absolutely love the rush it gives me.

I’ve always thought of chess to be a mans man game, and I know now clearly it is not. I believe more women need to learn how to play because it’s quite therapeutic and it has many underlining benefits, but it’s therapeutic in a sense that reminds me to slow down, relax, and carefully gather my thoughts when I’m faced with challenging times.

Chess is amazing. The skills that I use to play and win this game are the very same skills I need to win in life. For example I have to make sacrifices, take risks, I have to deal with pressure, I have to arrange and rearrange my thoughts and feelings and adjust to unpredictable situations, also approach situations with the mindset that there is always more than one solution to a problem. Not only that, playing chess you learn self-control, you learn how to plan ahead, to be attentive, use good judgement and good reasoning and most importantly find strength to do it all.

I’m not ashamed to say it again, but I love this game and I play everyday, because the more I play the more I get to work on me. and practice all the skills I mentioned so that I can implement them in my everyday life. Everyday we strive to be great and we want to accomplish so much. Sometimes we’re disappointed with where we are in life and we wish we could be someone else, but let me reiterate, like each piece in chess you are an individual, and not the same as anyone else, no one can do what you have been gifted to do better than you, you are just as important, and you have purpose of your own.

Chess is therapeutic, chess is life. I recommend this game as a means of therapy and I would encourage anyone to learn how to play. If this is not your choice of recreation then find something to do that you enjoy that will develop and enhance your skills for life. If you should choose to take my advice you will find that playing chess will mold and shape you, and you’ll find that you have hidden strengths you had no idea you had. Thanks for the read.

Download a chess tutorial and after you learn to play download Chess With Friends  from Play Store or App Store. Try it and let me know how it goes with feedback!




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