Talk or Text?

Which one do you prefer?

Not so long ago you couldn’t wait to hear the telephone ring. Why? Because you were expecting a call from a potential employer, friend or family member. When the phone rang in the house, everyone ran for the phone and couldn’t wait to see who it was on the other end. Sometimes, it was someone we wanted to talk to and sometimes it was bill collectors. Some of you only had one telephone in the house and somebody was always hogging the phone. It just wasn’t enough telephone to go around.

To many the phone was like their electronic best friend. When you were upset with your family or something else, you had the use of the landline. You’d make a call to someone close to you and tell them what was going on. You just wanted to hear a familiar voice of someone who would listen and possibly give the answers to your personal problems. It was even something about the ring of the phone; when the phone rang, everyone stopped what they were doing and it got their undivided attention just for the moment. Everybody would want to know if it was for them. 

Yup! Those were the good ol’ days! You could have real conversations with real people and actually discern which direction the conversation was headed by the tone of their voice. Their voice expressed emotions and feelings, which made the conversation more personal. Real live phone calls kept families tightly knitted together, although nothing beats a visit in person. Nowadays you don’t call you send a quick text and sometimes people don’t get your text. Therefore leaving a possible urgent matter unanswered. 

So as a result you have become disconnected to the ones you love and are dearest to. Technology has crept in unaware and is now your mediator and or intercessor. A simple text may cause you to stop talking to someone close to you because most texts are followed by improper communication and complete misunderstanding. For example, you text someone who is a very fast typer, they ask you a question and before you can answer they have already responded with something else, or even a different subject leaving you completely clueless. Texting interrupts the flow of a good conversation. This happens all too often and it’s annoying.  Texting has allowed you to get away with as little verbal communication as possible. 

On the other hand you should consider how talking on the phone expresses sincerity and dedication of your time and undivided attention to the conversation and to the person your talking to. Talking is not as time consuming as texting an entire conversation, and sometimes it’s just nice to hear a voice. I mean what’s the point of you having a voice if it can’t be heard? Isn’t that why you were given one in the first place? So you can use it?

Don’t you wanna hear the voice of someone else, so you don’t have to jump through hoops to figure out what they’re talking about? What will be our next means of communication Morris Code? I certainly hope not. I wish some things had never changed, althrough change can be good and sometimes necessary, this modern day frame of reference you call texting, has caused you to become desensitized, dehumanized, and unpersonalized robotic machines of flesh. You desire less and less to reach out the old fashion way.

Well ok I guess by now you’ve figured out which one I prefer. This is why I felt the need to write this because it was heavy on my heart. It saddens me how the times have really changed.  I only hope that after you read this you will consider not a text but a phone call to your love ones. Let them hear your voice, your voice will show them that you care and are concerned about their well being and that you love them. You have got to somehow get back to the way things should be!

So again my question to you is which one do you prefer talk or text? Please feel free to respond and give your thoughts on this topic. Thanks for the read.

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