Six hours to pursue your dreams!

You do the math. You have 24hrs in one day. It will take you on average 30 minutes to get dressed, or maybe even an hour at most. Consider at least 1hr to travel to work and more than likely 8hrs to work. After you get off add another 1hr to travel back home. Leaving you a total of 13 unused hours. Now the average person gets at least six to seven hours of sleep so subtract the seven hours since it’s the highest from the total of 13.  If calculations are correct in which they are, you have six hours to pursue your dream.

Keep in mind the calculations are based only on an individual who is currently working a full time job with a fourty hour work week. Of course for those of you who are not working you have much more time to work on your dream and to fulfill it. However, as for the full time workers there are at least six hours of unused time remaining in your day. Now I know this doesn’t seem like much time, but a little time well spent on pursuing your dream is much more valuable than a lifetime of time doing nothing.

So you have at least six hours give or take to get something done. Now say to yourself, “self how can I utilize this time to get me closer to my dream? What can I do? What can I work on? What are the necessary steps that I need to take to get me closer?”. Some of you have dreams that you have already started, but you put them on the back burner and you left them there, and some of you have a dream but you have never began to pursue it. Well those necessary steps can’t all be taken at once, but you can certainly start with step number one, it’s never too late!

Utilize this unused time to write the vision and make it plain. Without the vision you have no plan, without a plan you have no direction, and without direction you have absolutely no idea which way your going to get anything done. Use your time wisely and be consistent and disciplined, reliable and dependable on you. It’s important that you can trust yourself with your dream. Speak to those things which be not, as though they were, (Romans 4:17). There is power in positive confession.

Now I know some of you will say after reading this I still have no time, but what is it that you don’t have time to do? Plan for a better future for your family? Take the necessary steps, whatever the necessary steps are to pursue your dreams? You don’t have time to with six hours give or take to sit down and re-evaluate where you are as opposed to where you would like to be? Which of these would be a waste of your time?

Six may not be the number of hours you need to pursue your dream, but you do have a number. Find out what that number is and use it.  You have all the tools you need to get started, space, time, and opportunity. So get started!

I hope this read has been an inspiration and encouraging.




One thought on “Six hours to pursue your dreams!

  1. I found this to be very inspiring!! Thanks for opening my eyes to this perspective!

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