So you’re mad? Oh

Why do you care when your children get mad at you? You are their parent not their friend. Yes you have to provide for them and give them what they need, but you don’t have to kiss their behinds and give them what they want when they want it. Stop making yourself feel guilty. No you are not wrong for saying no or not now. You are the parent and you make the decisions, if your child/children don’t like the decisions you make too darn bad!

Children young or old need to be thankful and grateful for all you have done for them. They can really put a whammy on you and try to make you think you are failing them as a parent, well this isn’t so. The only way you can fail is to raise them to be ungrateful spoiled brats that thinks the world revolves around their desires. I mean Geesh, what’s in the food these days or is it the milk? Even our toddlers have learned to impose their will to get what they want.

Listen, stop it right now, enough is enough. Once you have made your decision, stick to it. Stop being bullied by your own offspring, it’s not fair to you. If you don’t stop it now it will get worse and your little monsters will turn into big monsters and the small headaches will become severe migraines caused by uncalled-for stress. Nip that mess in the bud to alleviate the heartache and trouble.

Yes you are a great parent, and yes you do love your child/children and you’re sure of it. Don’t think for one second they don’t know that by all that you’ve done and sacrificed. The manipulation is real. They have already programmed you to feel guilty the minute you say no. This is why whether you’re a single parent or a two parent family home, stick to your decision. Don’t be an enabler, don’t be the reason why your child/ children can’t take no for an answer. It will cause them greater harm down the road to come.

To my wonderful readers those of you who are parents, this was not written to tell you how to raise you child/ children, but to encourage you. If you have or are experiencing any of what I’ve mentioned, it’s time to take control. You talk about the gang violence in the world, but some of you have child gangs right in your own home, this ought not to be. Stand up and be the leader you were created to be. Say no and feel confident about your decision, and hey don’t think I’m so tough. I can only write these things because of what I’ve experienced. Say this to yourself about your child/children “so you’re mad?”. So what!

I guarantee you this will prepare your child/children for life’s rejections and disappointments!

Thanks for the read, I only hope that this has helped somebody!

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2 thoughts on “So you’re mad? Oh

  1. I feel the exact same way. My son is my son not my friend. My job is to raise him to become a productive and decent man.

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