Breathe when it hurts. When it hurts so bad and it feels like your heart could literally break in two.

Breathe when your screams are unwillingly held inside and you don’t voice them even though they’re begging to be let out.

Breathe when you have a voice that nobody hears and nobody listens to.

Breathe when you cry silent tears that stay hidden because you’re suppose to be stronger than that!

Breathe when you feel like pulling out every inch of hair on your head.

Breathe when it’s suppose to be love but it feels like hate.

Breathe when you actually care and you show it by expressing it with concern, but it’s made to look like it’s just the opposite!

Breathe when you feel like giving up and walking away from it all, but the strength in you won’t let you.

Breathe when you wish you could express how you really feel without looking like the bad guy.

Just breathe, regulate your thoughts, encourage yourself, and hold your head up, because one breath could save you from something as simple as a headache, as complex as a nervous breakdown, heart attack,  or a stroke, or even as detrimental as committing suicide.

Do yourself a favor take a deep breath, relax, and breathe to live!



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